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Working to extend God's radical love for all people. 

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Speaking faithfully in the public square


Supporting Equality on Campus

The Union of Affirming Christians partners with Brave Commons to advocate for equality at Azusa Pacific University and Christian college campuses everywhere.

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Adam Nicholas Phillips delivers a Tedx talk: "Inclusion: The ancient idea that just might save all of us." 

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Susan Cottrell gives advice to parents of LGBTQ children: "If you’ve been told you have to choose between your child and God, that is simply not true. To choose your child is to choose God! Because that’s the child God gave you!

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Huffington Post

Lauren Sotolongo writes in support of Christian college LGBTQ activists: "The struggle for LGBTQ student recognition varies...The unifying factor, however, remains the same: LGBTQ students, allies, and advocates will not be silent.

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Meet our courageous  leaders.




Leading Boldly in the Public Square

New York City, NY | February 22, 2018 – The Union of Affirming Christians issued the following public statement condemning the Trump administration’s dismantling of LGBT-friendly policies. 

We, the Union of Affirming Christians, a coalition of Christians actively affirming the full inclusion of LGBTQ persons in the life of society and the church, implore the Trump administration to refrain from undoing supportive policies or implementing hurtful policies that impact the LGBTQ community. 

We are particularly alarmed by recent reports, as detailed in the February 19th Politico article, “Trump administration dismantles LGBT-friendly policies,” that the US Health and Human Services Department is rolling back LGBT health programs because certain religious leaders are opposed to them. As Christian leaders who are deeply involved in our communities, we believe the compassion of Jesus extends to all of God’s creation, especially the oppressed and the marginalized, which the LGBTQ community has been for far too long in our nation. They are our children, siblings, neighbors – our family. 

We believe that discriminating against our loved ones in any way, but especially in the name of religion, seriously misses the mark of the words of Jesus Christ, our Savior and Lord, when he calls us in the Gospels to love our neighbors as ourselves.