Member Publications


Below you will find a collection of articles, essays, videos, and other publications from our members.

Lauren Scotolongo, Huffington Post: We Will Not Be Silent: LGBTQ Students Persist On Christian Campuses (10/26/17)

Yvette Flunder, HRC: The Faith Leaders Leading the Fight for LGBTQ Equality (10/26/17)

Adam Phillips, Medium: It’s Time For Clarity: Churches Should Be Honest About LGBTQ Matters (10/18/17)

Robert and Susan Cottrell, YouTube: Christian Parents Rethink LGBT Inclusion (10/13/17)

Brandan Robertson, Chirstians United: Christians United: The Statement (8/30/2017)

Robert and Susan Cottrell, ABC's 2020: A Boy Named Lucas (3/10/17)

Robert Cottrell, Patheos: You May Think I’m Wrong About LGBTQI. So, Now What? (8/3/17)

Robert Cottrell, Patheos: A Father’s Plea to Christian Dads of LGBTQI Children (11/5/17)

Susan Cottrell, Patheos: Did Your Child Just Come Out to You? If so, This is a Must Read! (10/10/17)

Susan Cottrell, FreedHearts: Pastor Looks Up In Tears. "I Had No Idea." (10/25/17)

Brandan Robertson, Huffington Post: Young White Evangelicals Are Increasingly Showing Support For Marriage Equality (6/28/17)

Brandan Robertson, Vice: Meet the Woke Young People Trying to Make Christianity Cool Again (11/3/17)

Brandan Robertson, NBC News: Opinion: Anti-LGBTQ Nashville Statement a 'Dark Echo From the Past' (8/31/17)

Adam Phillips, TEDx: Inclusion: The ancient idea that just might save all of us (11/10/17)

Paula Stone Williams, TEDx: I've lived as a man & a woman -- here's what I learned (12/19/17)