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Created by Susan Cottrell, this site is an amazing and compassionate guide for parents raising LGBTQ children. "When our oldest daughter first came out, our family began a journey of discovery—to find out what the Bible really says and does not say, to listen for God’s heart for us and our daughter. God kept moving us forward—toward love, toward freedom, toward peace. Then our youngest daughter came out as well—for two children out of five! My husband Rob and I were grateful we had embraced this path and heard God’s voice through all of it.


How to Talk About the Bible and LGBTQ Inclusion

This resource from t=The Reformation Project is a terrific go-to guide for any theological discussion of LGBTQ issues. Covering topics ranging from experience, tradition, celibacy, and gender complementarity to the six main Bible passages at dispute over same-sex relationships, this resource will help you both to better understand the relevant theological issues and to make a clear, compelling case for LGBT affirmation to those in your life who disagree with you.


America's Changing Landscape: Transgender Inclusion in the American Church

This PFLAG workshop examines how the US Christian landscape is changing to include LGBTQ people, and how you can help: "We should look for opportunities to tell our stories. When Evangelicals and Fundamentalists meet a transgender person, the tectonic plates begin to shift. We will change the church on these issues in the same way the church has changed on every other
issue, one story at a time, one person at a time.

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Denver Community Church started when a group of people felt led to move to Denver to start a church that would be so involved in the community that the only appropriate name would be Denver Community Church. Their LGBTQ learning group records its meetings and is a tremendous resource for any faith community seeking to do likewise.